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    National Implement is a global marketplace for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers who make, distribute and sell equipment of all kinds.

    National Implement intends to be the premier online equipment-related marketplace. Are we there yet? No. But we will get there with your help.

    Why? Because we are the most equitable marketplace for equipment sellers. Unlike Amazon and Ebay, we understand that you can't give away a 20% margin + other assorted fees to fund Jeff Bezos' penis rocket when YOU don't even make a 20% margin on many of the products you sell. We understand that because we've been in the online equipment business over 10 years ourselves.

    Whether you are selling your products in bulk--business-to-business--or selling single items direct to consumers, National Implement helps potential customers find YOUR business and products, and vice-versa.

    Amazon can be ok for sellers of smaller, high-margin, easily handled items that fit in consistent packaging and can be shipped UPS, Fedex, etc.

    What it's NOT great for is companies like yours, whose products fall outside the spectrum of the above description, for one or more reasons.

    Competition is stiff and margins are tight. Increasing costs and inflation are profit killers. We get it. We've been there and we still are there. That's why National Implement wants nothing more than to cultivate a symbiotic relationshiop with its sellers--a mutually beneficial alliance. If we succeed, you succeed, and vice-versa. We don't want you to just "get by" we want you to be as successful as you desire.

    Let's make it happen, together.

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